Contract Services Sexual Harassment Intake Form

Free online sexual harassment training available to all entertainment industry workers

TIME’S UP Entertainment is proud to partner with Contract Services to offer free online sexual harassment training to people working in the industry who don’t otherwise have access to trainings through their employer, production, or industry union. These trainings are available to all entertainment industry workers.

Sexual harassment training is an important part of a system-wide response to reducing the vulnerability of workers in entertainment industry workplaces to sexual misconduct. Yet, on many sets, workers do not have access to sexual harassment trainings. This is especially true on smaller independent productions, student productions, smaller animation studios, or other industry workplaces which do not have Human Resources departments or meet the legal requirements for offering these trainings, and where workers do not have access to such trainings through their unions.  

We encourage producers on independent productions who do not otherwise have access to sexual harassment training to ask all of your employees and contractors to take this training, and to prioritize for your workers safety from sexual misconduct. We also encourage individuals working as freelancers, day players, and on student productions to take this training.